Tips for Vaping Beginners

Have you been looking to get into vaping? Perhaps you want to utilize the safer alternative to cigarettes? Need a work friendly way to get nicotine during the day? Or maybe you are just really jealous of your friend that is always blowing huge, killer clouds of smoke around you and you want to try it out?

Vaping can be a great experience if you get started off on the right foot. To help you with getting into the world of vaporizers and vaping, we offer several types of starter kits. A starter kit is a great way to collect all the items you need to start vaping without much effort.

For many beginners in vaping, it is ideal to start with a smaller size vape — sometimes what is referred to as a “pen.” We have a variety of starter kits pulled together at KangerTech including brand names like EMOW, EMUS, and the incredible EVOD starter kit, and more. These pen vapes are easy to handle, easy to use, and come in a wide variety of colors for the fashion conscious consumer. The vaping pen is also ideal for users that want something discrete and easy to handle. Vape pens fit easily into a pocket or a small purse.


The starter kits allow you to start vaping straight from the box with little to no set up. It couldn’t be any easier. Each kit will come equipped with the vaping pen and charger. Many of our kits come with an upgraded coil — that controls the power and amount of smoke a vape can produce — to allow for customization with little trouble. So, for example, if you find that the original pen vape isn’t quite strong enough for you, the¬†EMOW Mega Starter Kit comes with an upgrade coil.

The majority of our starter kits also contain a detailed manual to help you get started. There is never a wrong place or wrong time to get started with vaping if you have a manual outlining everything for you.


We understand that starting something new can be really intimidating. The new terminology and technology can seem overwhelming. Don’t let that stop you from making healthier choices or joining the world of vaping. KangerTech is here to help you. If you find yourself with some questions, we encourage you to reach out to us on the KangerTech website:

Enjoy your vaping journey and welcome to the club!